It began with a large family conference in Ilfracombe, Devon in 1994 and grew to include our Regional Weekend Events which now take place throughout England, Scotland and Wales. They provide faith and fun for all the family, with a welcoming and expectant atmosphere for everyone, so that our times together would help us draw closer to God.

Most of us are Catholics, but we are always delighted to welcome a good number from other Christian traditions, including some of our conference speakers. We have much to learn and share together.


Celebrate also includes our youth event, Joel’s Bar, for 16-25 year olds, which runs at Worth Abbey in Sussex. This is an exciting, vibrant 4 days where young people have the opportunity to receive great teaching to uplift their faith, alongside amazing worship and celebration of the Mass all in the midst of fun and friendship. It is both reverent and relevant!

Release -  Celebrate’s young leaders formation programme was launched to prepare our young people to take on key leadership roles within Celebrate and what we have now found is that it has also provided the Church with many Catechists, School and University Chaplains. We have seen incredible growth in our young people and we are so proud of them!

We are also working at the development of Celebrate@home, family prayer groups that come together to share faith and friendship. We hope these will build communities that will learn to praise God and pray for each other in local areas on a regular basis.

The way ahead promises to be exciting, we continue to hold all that we do before our loving Father and ask for His constant guidance.  We are immensely grateful to everyone involved in Celebrate, and we thank God for all of you.

It isn’t boring to be a Christian today!

In the Peace and Joy of Christ,


Get a flavour of Celebrate

The Celebrate Vision seeks to….

  • Provide an atmosphere of friendship and community for formation and mission.
  • Celebrate the Liturgy in the best possible way for the people present.
  • Offer the best available teaching, based on Scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • Include speakers from other Christian Churches to promote unity amongst Christians
  • Hold to the central truths of the Catholic faith without emphasising devotions which are a matter of personal choice.
  • Provide spiritually for children and young people in age related streams.
  • Encourage ongoing friendship amongst those who attend Celebrate events
  • Give everyone the freedom to be fully charismatic, while remaining sensitive to those not coming from this faith experience
  • Offer workshops that explain the experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • Encourage a variety of creative activities such as drama, mime, art and music to emphasise the Gospel message
  • Invite everyone to participate in lively praise and worship, and include the exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Offer personal prayer ministry by trained prayer teams
  • Use money raised in the Celebrate offerings to sponsor training and development for individuals, communities, groups and special ministries.
  • Promote and support an awareness of social, moral, ethical and justice issues, and provide funds from the offerings for Christian work in disaster areas.
  • Support financially and practically Christian organisations which share a similar vision, and work for renewal in the church.