Celebrate@home – Family Prayer Groups

We are currently piloting the development of Celebrate@home, family prayer groups that come together to share faith and friendship. We hope these will build communities that will learn to praise God and pray for each other in local areas on a regular basis.

The aim is that people meet to share and grow in faith, receive teaching and prayer ministry and encourage each other in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Celebrate@home reaches across all generations and welcomes families and children. All Christians are welcome.

To find out more about this pilot project workshops will be run at three of our Celebrate Regional Weekends; Twickenham, Birmingham and the North East – see details on their Regional webpages.  If you are interested and cannot get to one of these events then email for more information to info@celebrateconference.org

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‘’I love the fact that my child meets other Celebrate children, gets to grow in faith and the gifts and all within two hours on a Sunday afternoon” – Claire

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‘’It’s a chance to get a closer relationship with God and the Holy Spirit, and to meet your friends and have fun!” – Joshua (age 12)

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‘’Celebrate@home gives my family and me a great opportunity to spend time with other Catholics and to grow in our faith”  – Nick

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‘’Through the monthly meetings of prayer, worship and talks our faith is renewed. Thank you Celebrate@home” – Annalisa

Team Info

If you have completed the training session and have registered as a Celebrate@home group you can access the manual here