Celebrate is

a family conference for Christians of all ages. Our vision is to offer a faith-filled and fun event which combines good Christian teaching, inspirational speakers and celebration of the liturgy, where young and old alike join together in a vibrant atmosphere to celebrate the love of God.

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Celebrate 2016

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the many Regional Celebrate Weekends we have planned for the coming year all over England and Wales. See the column on the right for details.

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Celebrate Mini-Mag

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Celebrate Weekends 2016

Joel’s Bar Sun 27th March to Fri 1st April
To book, visit the Joel’s Bar website
East Anglia 9th & 10th April
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North West 23rd & 24th April
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Wales 30th April & 1st May
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Twickenham 18th & 19th June
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Brighton 25th & 26th June
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Cleethorpes 9th & 10th July
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Southampton 24th & 25th September
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Torquay 15th & 16th October
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Bristol 22nd & 23rd October
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St. Albans 29th & 30th October
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North East 5th & 6th November
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What our clergy say

“I was struck by the joy and enthusiasm of so many in their faith.”
— Bishop Mark O’Toole

“I want everyone to come back next year and bring someone new with them.”
— Bishop Alan Hopes

“It was wonderful to see the cross section of ages of the many families whose faith has nurtured that of their children…I encourage you to take the risk and participate.”
— Bishop John Sherrington

“I was particularly impressed by the numbers present and for the prayerful way in which the Liturgy was celebrated. The commitment and enthusiasm of all who were participating was very evident and I have no doubt at all of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst.”
— Bishop Crispian Hollis

“I’m delighted to see this joyous event taking place within the Shrewsbury diocese.  God bless you all.”
— Bishop Mark Davies

We are very grateful to Michael Woodward for his kind contribution of providing most of the photographs on the website.