Celebrate is growing, and with it the need for new young leaders with enthusiasm and a love of the Lord. Over the last 20 years + there have been a number of young people that have grown up at Celebrate and some have been involved in serving in many different ways at the Ilfracombe conference and the regional weekends. The Celebrate leadership team is developing the potential of these young men and women aged between 18–24 years through Release: the Celebrate young leader’s formation programme. Nearly 100 young people have now been trained and equipped to help resource the Celebrate events alongside other activities within the Church.


What is release?

A four-stage leadership training formation programme for potential young Celebrate Leaders.


Four days foundation at Worth Abbey, Sussex, that will launch the year and give formation on: Leadership, Character development, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Scripture and Prayer.


A weekend of practical teaching to include: Presentation skills, Ministering the Gifts, Running a Youth Session.


All participants will be encouraged to serve in one or more of the Regional weekends or the main Celebrate Conference either within the streams, worship team, presenting youth talks or working as part of the technical team.


Graduation Weekend.

An opportunity for our young leaders to present on their years’ experience and what they have gained for the future. On completion of the programme they will be presented with a Release Certificate and Release T-shirt!

Our hope is as young leaders you will learn more about what God wants for your lives. You will become more familiar and confident with the gifts of the Spirit and how to lead others in their use. You will deepen your prayer life, bible knowledge and have your faith strengthened by the support of more experienced Celebrate leaders. We believe that by encouraging you to take an active part in leadership you will be better placed to take up key roles at Celebrate in the future and within the Church.

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