Celebrate is growing, and with it the need for new young leaders with enthusiasm and a love of the Lord. Over the last 20 years + there have been a number of young people that have grown up at Celebrate and some have been involved in serving in many different ways at the Ilfracombe conference and the regional weekends. The Celebrate leadership team is developing the potential of these young men and women aged between 18–24 years through Release: the Celebrate young leader’s formation programme. Over 80 young people have now been trained and equipped to help resource the Celebrate events alongside other activities within the Church.

Release is now running its fourth programme and applications will be launched online on March 18th 2017 and will be open until the closing date of Sunday 23rd April. The young people that we hope will apply are most likely to either be working or students throughout the UK and will have had some involvement with Celebrate either at the conference at Ilfracombe or at one of the Regionals Weekends. See application details.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

God bless,

The Release Team


What is release?

A four-stage leadership training formation programme for potential young Celebrate Leaders.

**Please note to apply for Release you must be available for all the dates below.

STAGE 1.  22nd – 25th JUNE 2017

Four days foundation at Worth Abbey, Sussex, that will launch the year and give formation on: Leadership, Character development, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Scripture and Prayer.

STAGE 2.  17th –19th NOVEMBER 2017

A weekend of practical teaching to include: Presentation skills, Ministering the Gifts, Running a Youth Session.


All participants will be encouraged to serve in one or more of the Regional weekends or the main Celebrate Conference either within the streams, worship team, presenting youth talks or working as part of the technical team.

STAGE 4. 29th JUNE – 1st JULY 2018

Graduation Weekend.

An opportunity for our young leaders to present on their years’ experience and what they have gained for the future. On completion of the programme they will be presented with a Release Certificate and Release T-shirt!

Our hope is as young leaders you will learn more about what God wants for your lives. You will become more familiar and confident with the gifts of the Spirit and how to lead others in their use. You will deepen your prayer life, bible knowledge and have your faith strengthened by the support of more experienced Celebrate leaders. We believe that by encouraging you to take an active part in leadership you will be better placed to take up key roles at Celebrate in the future and within the Church.

See Release articles from the archived Celebrate Magazine

Although Celebrate does substantially subsidise the Release Programme we do ask a contribution of £300 from each candidate on acceptance of your application. We recognise this is a sizeable amount (especially if you are studying) so we are happy for this to be paid in three instalments. This will cover the cost of all three residential training events and all resources provided. Please note your transport expenses are not covered.

Once you have been accepted on the Release programme to help with the cost you may want to consider fundraising. We have written a few paragraphs below which could be used to explain what Release is about to any prospective generous person or organisations. You may want to approach your parish and ask them to consider taking up a second collection or write a letter to a few well-chosen friends (ideally not fellow students!)


Dear …

This year I have been accepted to take part in a Catholic formation programme for young leaders called Release, an initiative run by the Celebrate Conferences. Celebrate has been running for over 20 years and since 2008 has expanded to include 13 Regional Weekends throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The conferences are for young and old alike and include worship, teaching, Mass, prayer, liturgies and workshops on many aspects of Catholic life. Thousands of people attend a Celebrate conference each year with approximately 50% of these being under the age of 24 years.

Due to the growth of Celebrate, investment is being made to equip and develop new young leaders to help resource and lead in a variety of different ways throughout the Celebrate events and within the Church. I have been accepted to attend this year’s programme which will focus on both the development of leadership skills and my faith formation.

Although Celebrate does substantially subsidise this programme, to enable me to be part of Release I need to raise funds to help towards the cost of this activity which will be a total of £300.

I would be very grateful for any contribution you would be able to make and would be happy to let you know at the end of the year what I have learnt and how your investment has been of benefit to those I have been involved with.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

APPLICATION Process 2017

Welcome to the Release4 application form. Don’t worry; this form is not a test! The application process has three parts to it so please have a read through.

Step One - About You

We would love for you to spend some time prayerfully considering your answers to the questions before you submit your application. The whole Release programme aims to form you and to help you grow as a disciple, not just during our time together but throughout the whole year and beyond. The questions are designed to give us a flavour of who you are as a person and where you’re at in your faith journey, therefore we’d love for you to be as honest and open as possible so that we’re able to truly discern whether a place on Release4 is the right thing for you.

The deadline for applications is 23rd April 2017 and successful applicants will be contacted by 14th May 2017.

Step Two - Getting to know you

We cannot meet and interview all the candidates for Release4, so to give us a sense of who you are, we’d like you to make a 2 minute video. It doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, it can be filmed on a smartphone or digital camera, but feel free to be creative as you want to. We would like you to do two things in this video:    
1) Tell us about someone who is a role model for you – why are they a positive role model and why is that important to you?  
2) Answer the question – What does good Christian leadership look like to me?

Please save your video using the file name "(your name) Release4" (e.g. Joanna Bloggs Release4) and send it to releaseprogramme@gmail.com using wetransfer.com (a free data transfer site). Please try and make sure that your video is no more than 50MB.

Step Three - Providing a reference

In order to be accepted onto the Release4 programme, you will need to ask someone to provide you with a character reference. This person cannot be a member of your family, but could be your Parish Priest, University Chaplain, youth leader, teacher or a family friend. Preferably they would know about and understand Celebrate, but this is not essential.

Please copy and paste the following link into an email and send it to your referee, asking them for a reference to be completed by 23rd April. Make sure you explain what Release is about and that we cannot accept your application if we do not receive your reference by the deadline.


Thank you and we'll be in touch very soon.